The biggest part of wheat production in Turkey is allocated to bread wheat. As a result of improvement works, some varieties have been developed for bread wheat. There is no research about wheat for producing biscuits. Based on developing new wheat types for producing biscuits, we worked to develop a highly efficient wheat type for producing biscuits between 2007 and 2014 with Konya Bahri Dağdaş International Agriculture Research Institute. As a result of our studies, we created a type we called “Aliağa”.

The trials to develop the wheat for producing biscuits are conducted during the growing period in Konya center trial fields of Bahri Dağdaş International Agriculture Research Institute. After trials conducted on watery soil, we found out that this wheat is more suitable to use in biscuit production.

Thanks to this project, the much needed biscuit wheat cultivation areas in Turkey will be increased. Thus, this type of wheat will contribute to our country’s agriculture and economy remarkably.


  • This kind will be distributed to farmers nearby and will become widely distributed. This way, we aimed to meet the supply of raw materials from nearby regions and to improve the supply operation. At the same time, the supply of raw materials will be kept in check by working with the same suppliers from the same regions.
  • We intend to reduce the import volume with this new kind and the supply from nearby regions, thus providing cost advantages. At the same time, we may make significant financial gains by active seed growing.
  • As there is no flour with standard quality to use in biscuit production in Turkey, we bear hefty costs to overcome the fluctuations in the standard of the flour. We will eliminate this situation with Aliağa project.
  • We will secure the standard quality flour needs of our biscuit and cake factories as we are their internal suppliers.
  • At the same time, we will eliminate the GMO problem caused by contamination in imported wheat.
  • There is an increasing need in biscuit wheat in Turkey. With this project, we would like to secure Ülker by producing our own wheat.