While working for a happier society, we consider our responsibility as a food producer as well. Since 2009, our main fields of operation such as biscuits, cakes and chocolates don’t contain “trans fats”. We will have removed 2.000 tons of fat from all oil products and 8.000 tons of saturated fat from bakery products by 2024. Furthermore, we aim to reduce 3.000 tons of oil from chocolate products by 2024.

We are communicating in an open and responsible way with our sense of responsibility towards humanity. We are promoting a balanced diet and physical activity. With this perspective, we are supporting responsible marketing, balanced diet and active life projects.

By managing so many awareness and R&D projects about healthy nutrition at Ülker Bisküvi, Guide to Responsible Nutrition Communication is the single example in our country in this field.

Children are our first priority in our vision to create a happier society. We are focusing on sport projects for children in order to encourage them to be active in their lives. We have reached 272.500 children with various Children and Sport projects in different sport branches over the last 8 years.

Moreover, the total number of children participating in Ülker Children’s Film Festival in the last 9 years has surpassed 1 million. We take it as our duty to do our best so that the children grow in a healthy and happy environment. We support them to express themselves in art projects.