We seek happiness for our employees as well as for society. We intend to reach our sustainability goals with employees embracing these principles. We also aim to increase happiness and satisfaction levels of our colleagues who work to please our consumers.

We care for our employees to use their union rights and therefore managed to increase our unionization rate to 100% in 2016.

Our workers’ opinions in factories regarding their working conditions are very important for us. Our Industrial Relations Committees have an important role to play. These committees are formed by the participation of factory managers, human resources officers, trade union representatives and workers. We discuss efficiency, occupational safety, and relations with managers and comfort.

We aim to increase our employee satisfaction level more, which is already at a satisfactory level. 94% of our employees participated in a loyalty survey in 2015 and the loyalty to company index was calculated as 75%. By improving this rate even further, which is already above Turkey’s national average, we would like to be in the “High Performing Companies” category. We intend to reduce our staff turnover from the current rate of 5% to 3,5% by 2024.

We would like to maximize the participation in projects like “Young Platform,” enabling young people to contribute to the business development processes and produce together, and “More Women,” enabling more women participating in Board Committees, which would enrich our diversity.