Innovation is considered an important tool for sustainability. Through innovation, we aim to understand our consumers and fulfill their wishes and needs.

In this direction, we are developing new products without compromising on quality and are conducting improvement projects in existing products. We are working with the Department of Consumer Technical Researches of Northstar, Turkey's first R&D company, on fast-moving consumer goods and food. In this context, we conducted a total of more than 50 consumer, QSI and discrepancy tests and QDA studies in 2016. Based on our studies, we aim to continue making our consumers happy with the products we develop.

We are focusing on innovation not only for our consumers’ satisfaction, but also for fulfilling our responsibilities regarding environmental and social sustainability. With innovative practices, we are planning to reduce plastic waste in packaging by 20% by 2024. Similarly, we are going to reduce the use of paper by 20%.

We ensure that all our employees contribute to the creation of innovative ideas. We aim to increase the number of active projects by 100% with Akıl Küpü (Kaizen Ideas) by 2024.

We are working to strengthen internal innovation culture. We are developing new products, by means of innovative approaches, under the leadership of our experienced R&D department and with the contribution of all departments from marketing to production, from value chain to sales.