We have been investing in the PACTS’s (Processors Alliance for Cocoa Traceability and Sustainability) program since 2014 to improve the working and living conditions of cocoa producers in Ivory Coast.

This investment will fulfill the need for water and solar energy of PACTS fermentation and drying centers.

By aiming to increase efficiency while creating a production chain, PACTS, which is professional and respectful to environment, educates the farmers producing cocoa and teaches them agronomy (agricultural science) and innovative production practices.

With the investment into 8 centers that don’t have access to clean water yet, clean water will be supplied to 100 to 4.000 persons at each center in Ivory Coast. When the project is completed, we expect that the diseases stemming from unsanitary water will be reduced and local health conditions will be improved. In addition, solar lighting systems will be installed to 15 drying centers. With solar panels to be installed, the buildings will be lit inside and outside from this source. Also, electrical appliances will be charged up to 7 hours daily. Thus, the level of security and the field of view at night will be increased.